Player fees are due by 3/28. Please give them to your coach. TY                       
The Spring 2017 WARRIORS fielded 12 boys and 3 girls teams. Congrats on a great season!
 Boys  Girls
 Grade 4-5 Grade 7
 Grade 6 Grade 8
 Grade 7-8 Grade 11
 Grade 9
 Grade 10  
 Grade 11  
 Grade 12  
Congratulations to the boys teams for a successful 2017 spring season. The boys were committed and worked very hard. The 12 boys teams did an excellent job of improving their skills as the season progressed. Six of the boys teams won at least one championship!  
Congratulations to the girls as well for their hard work and dedication.The three girls team did very good job playing solid team basketball.   
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